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...and very comfy reclined seats, and also a small art gallery, which is a nice touch for a transit airport - makes it feel like travelling through a country rather than another anonymous air transit node. Even if almost all the signs are in English only. Doesn't quite match Vancouver's departure lounge with stream running through it for relaxation, but a pleasant way to spend a few minutes feeling I'm doing something other than waiting.

Feeling a little more relaxed now that I'm on my way, through paranoid that I didn't lock my flat properly. Not much I can do about that now except hope that the anxiety is just a product of pushing myself too hard on too little sleep for a few weeks. I'm getting better at giving myself space to prepare for travel by not leaving as soon as I can after work, but this trip and Ascendio last year were a bit more stressful because of having to prepare things other than myself! As it is I have a little more to do than I'd hoped to do once I land, but starting to look forward rather than back now. :)

I decided to bring my winter cloak, as I had the impression that Laconia may be cool enough to get away with wearing it, and I love travelling with cloaks (all valuables safely covered, and a portable blanket to snuggle in). But with the Hogwarts bag (wanted something a little in theme and it's a good size for handbaggage) and DH pendant am feeling ever so slightly self-conscious! Or like a travelling witch forced to use Muggle means. Arranging international Portkeys isn't as easy as it could be. ;)

Was wishing for the ability to Summon a crochet hook, and musing that witches and wizards could play havoc with airport security.
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