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I've finally started to archive my fics on AO3, and I'm loving how easy and fast it is. It's been interesting reading through stories I've not looked at for years, and it's been rather sobering looking at the dates and realising that I wrote so many of them 8-10 years ago, and even those I think of as being relatively recent are 4, 5, 6 years old. Time seems to be slipping by... also, I see that Bloomsbury is bringing out a 15th anniversary edition of HP, which makes me feel even older!

It's also been interesting looking at the list of fics as a whole (though not all are archived anywhere yet). I used to think I wrote mainly missing moments and darkfic, but actually most of them are either:

* Short (2-3000 words) gen interactions between pairs of characters (most of my fic[lets] fall into this category)
* Angsty/stylised character sketches (Fudge, Dumbledore, non-squib!Arabella Figg)
* Nastily dark (only two or three, but then as Invictus has several times the word count of all the rest of my fic combined, the time I spend writing feels more weighted that way)
* and a very few longer (6000 words+), plottier gen oneshots

So, it feels like quite a mixed bag. I can't help wondering what people think if they look at my fics after finding Invictus and see so much that is labelled (very clearly, on AO3) as General Audience/Gen/No warnings apply!

I miss the community on FictionAlley where seemed to be an audience for genfic - I'm not sure now where to go to share it (either posting or reading) these days, outside of fests. Which is why I'm excited by the list of participants posted on [ profile] minerva_fest. I know it's not a genfic fest (though I'm hoping there will be some gen there), but I'm happy to see so many writers I know and like. Feels like a little bit of ficwriting home - or at least a friendly local pub. Claiming is still open if you've not signed up and want to join in.

Now I just need to get on with writing mine (after Invictus 19, I hasten to add for the benefit of the anonymice. ;)

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