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One of my colleagues, who has an interest in graphic design, sent me a link to this article about the people behind the visual style of the Harry Potter films. (It was written to publicise an exhibition of their work, which is sadly now over.) It's interesting reading, particularly about their design influences - I always felt a nagging familiarity about some of the artwork in HP films, and it's interesting to know where it came from.

They also have a link to their website where you can buy insanely expensive prints of Quidditch World Cup posters and the like. I find it interesting that they can sell them directly, with no mention of WB in sight - I had the impression that work done by prop designers and the like usually belonged to the production company, but perhaps they managed a different contract - or just thought mentioning licensing on their website wasn't cool enough.

My favourites, I think, are some lovely posters for both this year's LeakyCons. Sadly there's not much explanation - I don't know whether they are official Leaky posters (can't see any sign of them on the Leaky site, but I can't get that to work properly) or just to promote their panel.

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