May. 5th, 2013

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I went to bed this morning at about the same time I need to leave the house tomorrow for my flight to Boston. The last three weeks have flown by - very busy at work followed by frantic costume-making at home. I've had this idea for what to do floating round my head since I first thought about Misti-Con, so I'd done a lot of planning and research, but hadn't actually implemented it until I committed to coming. It's a bit ambitious, and I wish I had another 2 weeks to get it good, and I suspect I'll have to take some sewing with me to finish things off in the couple days before the con, so long as I can finish off most of the technical stuff today (waiting for stuff to dry as I write this). At least I've learned a few more making techniques, which is all good!

I've got a little more crocheting to do too, and it's rather frustrating to think I have 11 hours or so of travel time in which I can't do any - but I doubt I'd get a steel hook through security, so I'm looking forward to the enforced relaxation. I don't think I could carry on my current pace much more; at times I've almost wished I wasn't putting myself through it, but then I think about how I'd be feeling if I wasn't going. I'm looking forward to participating in a shared artistic space - and especially to seeing those of you who are going!

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