Sep. 20th, 2013

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Can I just say how happy I am about JKR writing a film based on Fantastic Beasts? Not just because of the subject matter - I wasn't quite daring to hope that JKR would write more in the HP universe, let alone that it would a) focus on adults (Newt Scamander would be early 20s in 1920?) and b) expand the world in a direction than fanon generally hasn't.

But more - I'm so, so happy that fandom will have something new to gather around. :)

Also, I'm curious about who they'll cast, given that so many excellent actors are established characters in the later timeline. I suppose Newt will be a young barely-known, but I'm hoping that certain older actors who didn't get into the orginal films might have a look-in here.

Meanwhile, we have Leavesden Studios. To which I have still not been. Which is something I would like to rectify, preferably in the company of other fans. If you're interested, plans will be discussed here.

And before that, there's [ profile] hp_holidaygen. I extended sign-ups to the end of Saturday 21st September, so there are still two days to sign up!

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