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In fandom life, [ profile] hp_holidaygen is done and almost dusted for the year, though I have a fair number of reviews to catch up on (apologies to anyone who may feel I've been modly absent - there's been a fair bit of work behind the scenes but I will read and respond to all the entries!). The number of entries has steadily dropped over the four times the fest has run (suggestions for reversing this trend would be most welcome) but the quality certainly hasn't. If you've not been over there yet, I heartily commend it. Masterlist is here.

As a mod, I feel it would be unfair of me to point to particular fics, and it would be difficult to make a selection anyhow as they're all worth a look. But I hope no-one will censure me for mentioning three.

First up, my wonderful gift In a year we all will be together (PG - Aberforth Dumbledore, Andromeda Tonks, Minerva NcGonagall, Harry Potter) from [ profile] reverdybrune. I always like to read Christmas-themed fic at this time of year (well, slightly before this exact time of year, but you know what I mean). The theme of light in the darkness fits the Christian holiday, the season and my mental state, and [ profile] reverdybrune delivered this beautifully in her tale of characters starting to repair their world and relationships around the Christmas after Voldemort's final defeat. I even shed a few tears. :)

Secondly, on the assumption that if you read my journal you might have a passing interest my fics, my contribution to the fest was The Last Christmas (PG, Albus Dumbledore) for [ profile] slam_girl. She was interested in (among other things) younger Dumbledore; following one character through the holidays/some other event; a 'reunion of sorts'; and a character who's been through a lot of holidays reflecting on that. From those developed the idea of Albus Dumbledore 'visiting' Ariana and Gellert, bringing in memories of former Christmases and his younger self. Unfortunately Albus' reflections were more about the guilt of his past and his fears for the future, so although I felt the fic had elements of all the requests, I'm not sure it hit any of them completely. Still, I was happy with the way it turned out and I hope my recipient was too.

And finally, I have to mention [ profile] snorkackcatcher's For the Greater Good (PG-13 - Elphias Doge, Albus Dumbledore), because it revived for me that feeling of journeying deep into the wizarding world that made me fall in love with fandom and fanfiction. [ profile] snorkackcatcher does a terrific job of evoking the atmosphere in Europe during Grindelwald's rise, and showing Albus' reaction to it (and Grindelwald) through Elphias' eyes.

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The cat rescue organisation I volunteer for has circulated a warning that several cats on one street of the town have died from antifreeze poisoning.

I hadn't been aware of this danger; ingesting it can cause kidney failure within 48 hours - not a pleasant death. Its sweet taste means that animals will lick up spillages, and that it can be added to food and drink and used to poison people and pets.

If you're a pet owner, please educate yourself:

And if you're in the EU, please sign the petition calling on the European Parliament to pass legislation for proper labelling and the addition of bitterant to antifreeze products. There seems to be more awareness of this in the US, where 5 states have banned antifreeze that doesn't contain a bitterant.

Thanks for reading. :)

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