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I do have a very nice resin replica of Hermione's wand, but if I'm going to be playing at the Potterverse for 48 hours, I figured I really needed a wand I could wave about without fear of it shattering. So off I went for a walk in the woods in search of a straight stick.

I was originally hoping to come up with something like the magic wands that were on sale at Accio - but I don't have any woodturning equipment and anyhow, I prefer the natural look. I hope Minerva does too.

Incidentally, perhaps I've been around Livejournal too much, but it's very difficult to sand a wand without risking seeming somewhat obscene. I'll never look at Cedric's grin as he told Mr Ollivander he'd polished his wand the previous night in the same way again.
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Me: I'd like to order some tickets for the wizard weekend, please.

North York Moors Railway man: Hang on a minute...


Me: *taps fingers*


NYMR man: Right, how many did you want?

Me: Twenty.

NYMR: Twenty adults?

Me: Yes

NYMR: For the wizard weekend?

Me: Yes.

NYMR: That's... unusual.

Me: Well, we figured the kids might enjoy seeing a group of adults joining in the fun.

NYMR: Twenty adults for the wizard weekend... I've never heard of such a thing. I think I'm going to have to go lie down.

Me: *laughs*
(I mean, there's not really much to say to that, is there?)

NYMR: Is there anyone over sixty?

Me (resisting the temptation to get into wizarding equivalent ages): No

*boring bit about credit card numbers and the like*

NYMR: Okay, we'll get these in the post for you. If you've any questions, do call back - but not on Tuesdays so you won't be speaking to me...

Am I really that scary on the phone? ;)

I've had loads of ideas for [ profile] hhhouseparty floating round my head for months, and with only a month to go (and an imminent parent-free weekend in which I can get down to some uninterrupted sewing) it's really time to start manifesting them.

I'm thinking I'll dress as Minerva for the Saturday outing - seems the most appropriate character for marshalling a group of people, and I can do a good cat impression, and I can adapt the green dress and hat I made for Accio. (While I envy all the movie-perfect costumes I've seen, I don't have the budget for new fabric, and anyhow I'm more of a book-canon person.) And she wears glasses - not the same shape as mine, but hopefully close enough for that not to be a problem. Now all I need is a wand - time to go for a walk in the woods, methinks. And maybe some aging make-up (any links would be much appreciated!)

So I was having a quick look on the net for costume info, and looked in on the Lexicon's Minerva page for the first time in months. And discovered they've added a really cute animation of her animagus transformation. Minerva fans and feline fans should definitely check it out.

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