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I never got round to posting pictures of this last year, so here goes now.

This is a panel I made for the charity auction at Diacon Alley. I can't remember how much it went for in the end but it was between £90 and £100, which went to Amnesty International.

Not the best angle here, but this picture shows the solder lines and some of the glass texture. The blocks around the edge are mirror, which I chose because I felt a grey or brown archway would have been a bit dull.

And here's the same panel held to the light - the clouds in Snape's robe are actual clouds seen through the glass, not glass texture. I really enjoyed doing the little bottles, but boy was that part fiddly!

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While looking for library craft projects I came across this website, which sells plans for making cardboard castles, sleighs, space stations etc. And also gives a handy tutorial for how to paint a stone wall pattern.

Check out some of the pictures of completed projects. I wish I'd found something like this when planning Sector decor - a couple of cardboard towers would have jazzed up the entrance no end!

A little too ambitious for my 3-year-olds to make, though.
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Back when I was first musing about do the Yule Ball decor for Sectus, I came up with the idea of icicles made from cling film: cheap, easy for distributed manufacture, surprisingly sparkly. But my head of department pooh-poohed the idea.

So it was with grim amusement that I saw cling-film used very effectively as ice (albeit not icicles) today - in Harvey Nicks' window display.

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