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The [ profile] hp_holidaygen authors have been revealed, so I can now reveal that mine is here.

I wasn't entirely happy with it - the first part seemed to go on too long, so I deleted it and realised that I couldn't really get to where I wanted to get without replicating what I'd deleted, so I reinstated it. I'm happy with parts of it, but it still feels a bit tacked together compared to my favourite fics from the fest.

And I'm most curious about whether [ profile] kennahijja identified it, after the conversations we were having earlier. ;)

Am resisting the temptation to enter [ profile] springtime_gen - I like the communal feel of challenges, but they don't bring out my best work. And my limited writing energy will be needed elsewhere, I think.
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Happy Hallowe'en/Day of the Dead/All Souls etc., for those of you who celebrate such things!

Below is my 200-word [ profile] hp_halloween drabble, written for [ profile] ranchangrnl who requested something with Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan. (For my own reference, it's originally posted here.)

And if you're in the mood for some Lucius, check out the beautifully atmospheric drabble that [ profile] shadowycat wrote for me.

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