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Grrr. Yesterday morning's bookmarking session completely gone, with no warning that anything was about to change.

If anyone else has been caught by this, Delicious has now started a blog detailing their efforts to fix all the stuff they've just broken.

If you can't be bothered to wait/will never trust them again, there are lists of alternative services here and here.

I've not spent a lot of time analysing the options - I just went for the one most often mentioned:

Exporting Delicious links to Diigo is a doddle - instructions here. Despite the high usage they're getting from people frantically jumping ship from delicious, it didn't take too long to import the links (10 mins or so? Though that was before US peak times). Note that their cross-post to delicious feature doesn't work since Delicious decided to break itself.

My fandom related links are now at (for fics written by me it's, though looking at the list I realise it's not up to date - I must add sorting that to my long todo list)

The HP Genfic recs list crowdsourced a few (er, 5) years ago is now here:

I've been meaning to do another round of that - maybe in November?

More urgent fandom obligations will be dealt with tomorrow (well, later today now). Sorry, but I didn't want to risk losing all the links I've built up over the years!

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