Jan. 22nd, 2008 10:06 pm
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I finally succumbed to temptation and bought an MP3 player, so now I can see what Pottercast is all about, and listen to Pray-as-you-go and From our own Correspondent at lunchtimes or train rides.

So am now happily copying my favourite CDs to my laptop so I can choose which 2MB I'm going to carry round with me. And am already wishing for more space, but I didn't want to get something so expensive I'd be afraid to use it, and anyhow this will at least ensure that the music I carry with me is music I really, really want to listen to. Top of the list is the complete 3-disc soundtrack of LotR. A drabble of your choice to anyone who guesses another artist or album that makes the first batch. :)

I'm kind of regretting deciding to go for cassettes when I went through my late-teen music buying phase. I'd rather like to have Nyman's music to The Piano... ah well, maybe I can find it in a library somewhere.

In other news, I no longer have toothache! (Removing the nerve has that effect.) It was an interesting experience, with the dentist explaining the procedure throughout and an interesting x-ray showing clearly the large hole she'd made in my tooth. Not one I (or my wallet) would choose to repeat, though. I guess I'll have to repeat the needle-in-the-back-of-the-mouth part in two weeks' time when I go back for the permanent filling, though she kindly offered to do it without anaesthetic now that the nerve is gone.

Had to laugh at my Dad, as he wandered into the room where I was doing some washing and where the Christmas sweeties are kept. "Help yourself to the toffee," he said, but I declined the kind offer of instant filling removal.

Of course, I am now craving Thornton's special toffee, having been completely oblivious to its presence in the house for the last four weeks.

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