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Argh, I hate it when I log on and realise I've not written anything for over a month! In that time I've applied for several jobs, been in a recording session for BBC Radio, seen Equus, and seen The Dumb Waiter (and Jason) again. More of that later, but meanwhile, a poll (with grateful thanks to [ profile] annephoenix, who generously gifted me 6 months of poll-making ability last December. Though I've not exactly made full use of it, knowing I've had the option has been wonderful!)

[Poll #954377]

(By which I mean, lest it needs defining, those spheres in the Department of Mysteries. I had thought they had a canonical colour, but can't find a reference to it.)

(And of course now someone is bound to make me feel stupid by pointing to a definitive canon reference, but at least that will have answered the question...)
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Please indulge my curiosity!

I'm curious about the fandom's perceptions of various characters. So I'm looking for ONE WORD for each of the characters below - the first thing that comes into your head, your overall impression, whether you think they're cool or crap, whatever. If you can't think of anything for any particular character, feel free to skip them, but it would help if you could put a '?' or '-' rather than leaving it blank.

I'll have a go at summarising the results in a week or two.

I'd be grateful for pimpage on this one - part of the point of this for me is to get an impression beyond the people I normally encounter.

[Poll #828305]

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