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Little Whinging's main cinema is cr*p. I now believe what my parents were telling me when they used to complain about how this, that or the other film I'd recommended wasn't on anywhere nearby. I looked for Driving Lessons when it was getting all the coverage on TLC and elsewhere, and couldn't find it anywhere. We didn't even get films like An Inconvenient Truth that screened in the mainstream cinema in Manchester. Only an hour out of London, and we're a cultural desert...

But not quite. Happily, Little Whinging also boasts a 60-seat cinema that puts on the sort of not-mainstream-but-not-up-their-own-arts films that I like to see, with the added bonus of sharing a building with several ghosts (allegedly). Being so small, it's notoriously difficult to get tickets, but on the upside it provides that nowadays-rare experience of being in a room full of reacting people rather than a barn-like multiplex.

(Hmmm. I wonder if this would be a reasonable venue for a fandom only (multi-)movie screening?)

Anyhow, I found out this afternoon that they were showing Driving Lessons twice, today, and fortunately they still had tickets - even if only on the front row, which is about 2 metres away from and 1 metre below the screen. It was worth the crick in the neck and back though - we were laughing and cringing all the way through, and I was sorely in need of a forgetting-mundane-reality-drug that didn't involve getting drunk, trying desperately to write while perched on the end of my bed, or endless hours of Freecell.

It was exceedingly odd to hear Rupert Grint being called 'Ben', though, and his character was so much like Ron that it took me a good half-hour to stop expecting Harry and Hermione to show up and drag him back into the wizarding world. If he's going to build the acting career he wants, he'd better find a different kind of character to play for his next non-Potter project.

Some scenic rainy shots of Edinburgh and environs where an added bonus, though as ever the route taken bore no resemblance to reality. I mean, I know that Mussleburgh and Joppa aren't the most thrilling of settings, but they showed Cockenzie power station for heavens sake, and then jumped back to the Borders. I know most of their audience won't notice anything wrong, but there's enough people who'll find it seriously disorienting. Is it really that hard for them to get this sort of thing right?

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